Honest Reviews: Post Malone — Hollywood’s Bleeding

I am a Post Malone fan. I was introduced to him about two years ago, and from that point on I enjoyed him. I’ve been to a concert, listened to all his songs, and regularly watch him on multiple platforms whenever those things become available (mainly interviews).

I love this new album of his. It has a lot of cross over work, which I feel like modern music has a bit too much of for my own taste, but all of it seems to be done well.  I will say this listening to each track each time, for the first time was great. I enjoyed all of the songs, which I usually do with just about anything Mr. Post puts out, but the re-play-ability isn’t like past albums. There are a few hits that I want to play over and over. “Hollywood’s Bleeding”,  “Allergic”, and “Take What You Want From Me” being the big ones for me, but it doesn’t have the same flow as the other albums.postmalonecirclesvideo.jpg

The other albums I can listen to indefinitely, and while I do enjoy this one, I cannot just listen to it in the background like the others and enjoy everything. I base my enjoyment off of albums on how easily I can listen to them in the background without needing to turn every other song. Sadly, this one doesn’t do it for me in that sense, but the few songs I like I absolutely love.

I Love the fact that he is branching out past strictly rapping. He has an excellent voice and should be able to utilize it. I know he’s been getting some backlash about this album being different, but I think it’s different in a great way. This album has more of a hip hop flow to it vs. the very strictly rap based music he was doing prior and he’s delving deeper in to rock and he always has an undertone of Frank Sinatra – esque music on one of songs, ‘Myself” being that song on this album. I just love the diversity, it means that every song won’t sound the same and to me is a mark of a true artist.

While I did say that the album doesn’t flow for me like the previous ones, I will also say that no other song that he has made before struck a cord with me like “Take What You Post-Malone-Hollywoods-Bleeding-Album-Cover-759x500Want From Me”. It has been receiving a lot of attention and from all types of people, I have people that routinely never listen to him tell me how much they enjoy this particular song. It has the legend, Ozzy Osborne on it, and also features Travis Scott.

It’s an interesting cross of Rap, Hip Hop, and Rock. It has something for everyone in it. I enjoy the beat behind it, the lyrics, and how raw it feels at points. My favorite kind of songs are those that make you lose yourself in the hype of it. It speeds up when it needs to and gets serious when it should. The other song that I think Post experimented with this on was, ‘Over Now” on the last album and that one was my favorite off the album so there is no surprise that I enjoy this one.

The fact that he also got the legend Mr. Ozzy Osborne just floors me and means a lot of artist are paying attention to him. I saw quite a few people getting upset that ‘kids these days don’t know who Ozzy is’. While I get the initial shock, part of Post and Ozzy working on a song together means making them relevant to a demographic that may not have previously known either artist. Instead of getting mad that people don’t know Ozzy, educate them, and be thankful that more people will gain a greater appreciation of a different genre of music. I am so happy that Post is taking his current stature serious and realizing he can open up peoples’ eyes to new and old ways of doing his music.

That will be all on the matter. At the very least listen to “Take What You Want From Me”. It’s an objectively good song. Love you Posty, and keep killing it!


The Elements

Since I was a little girl I have always been obsessed with the Elements. In particular, water, but the idea of the duality of all four acting on their own but also in tandem has always been astonishing to me. Naturally, when I came upon witchcraft this piqued my interest immediately.

To say I’ve had a bit of a love affair with the elements is accurate. I have always been in complete awe of them. Fire for its capacity to completely destroy and create something new out of it. Air to almost completely take your breath away and with it make you forget your worries for a bit. Earth for making me feel so very rooted and grounded while walking barefoot upon it, and lastly water for… everything it encompasses. There isn’t anything about water I do not like, I love to drink it, swim in it, run my hands


through its streams attempting to mold it. I feel most at home while swimming.

Upon starting my journey with witchcraft I had no idea what to do. You are inundated with all types of information some useful, most of it not. The thing that always stood out to me was the capacity to use the elements consistently when working with spells. Pantheons are a big thing when working under the Pagan umbrella, and I just personally have never prescribed to the idea of working with ‘the old Gods’. They aren’t modern in any sense, and more often than not are just a subset or a projection of how an element might manifest itself. For this reason, I felt lost for quite some time trying to get my feet grounded on how I should practice and what I should believe.

Then I came across my favorite Youtube witch Samantha Valens. I watched a lot of videos on how to do this spell, or went so far as to get a whole series of videos about what I should study on my year and a day studying while gearing up to be a full bore witch. Nothing was as informative as Miss Valens’ videos. She was the first person that made me stop and think about the information I was gathering logically.

The most notable thing she would always say in her videos was “What does this mean to you?” When you hold that crystal in your hands does it actually seem to promote wealth and prosperity or do you just believe that because its what you’ve been told over and over again. So her instructions in one of her videos was to sit with a crystal…. or with whatever deity you may want to work with and write down how it made YOU feel. Not what its supposed to make you feel based off a Pinterest post but what feelings were illicited when you attempted to work with said object or person. She used the Elements as an example, and I thought that was an awesome idea.

Meditation is probably the single most important thing in this day and age, and I will more than likely write an entire post on just that, but I cannot express to you how important it is to clear your mind regularly and just work on a singular thing. We are so inundated with chaos of every day life that taking time to breathe and release energy, or do energy work, or in this example work with the elements cannot be understated.

My little soapbox rant aside, I decided to do as she instructed. Instead of using a regular guided meditation I instead found either the sounds of a camp fire or crashing waves, and I worked independently with each element. When I say ‘work’ I mean you meditate and just open yourself up to whatever comes to your mind. What followed were some of the single most profound experiences I have probably ever had.

Each one of these elements came to me as beings, in some form or another. Fire being the most prominent of the bunch. What was initially meant to be a 10-15 minute session with each soon turned in to a 30 to 45 minute session with pages and pages written about these experiences. I realize a lot of this can be made in to being something strictly made up… imaginary if you will and maybe that is the case, but when I say that I felt completed in some sense, you cannot mistake that feeling, ever. If you have never felt that, then you will not know what I am talking about but that is how I felt when working with these elements.


Air, was unfortunately, the most evasive of the elements for me. Didn’t care to show herself and came to me more as fleeting images (seems kind of typical now that I am writing about it). I love windy days, and I feel like because I cannot mimic the environment she puts herself in, she didn’t care to manifest and show herself to me completely. I did write down plenty of ways that I felt in the moment listening to trees rustle in the wind. The interesting points in my notes being memories, losing control, speech and communication. They are interesting to me because they are opposite of what you would normally see on a sheet about ‘Air’.

Next was Fire and was one of the most incredible things that happened while doing this type of exercise. Again, I prompted my meditation with the sounds of a campfire and what ensued after that was nothing short of a wild ride. I was met with a very interesting looking man, he was dapper, well-dressed and charming. He reminded me of the Shadow man from Princess and the Frog. His presence was very prominent and it was if he was showing me around. It was an amazing experience, and one that I did not expect to have considering that Fire has never really been my affinity, or so I thought. If Fire has taught me anything its that he has my back.

I then worked with Water. Again, this was a fainted image of a person, but it was more in an animal form. My spirit animal, well my main one, is the dolphin (to no great surprise, considering I wanted to be a marine biologist when I was 9). The presence came more to me in that form and we took more of an adventure then worked on what Water meant to me. This makes sense considering I know what Water means to me, but I will say there are still some things that seem out of line than what you would normally what on ‘what does water as an element mean’ page. Those things were sleep, respect, and time.

And lastly, I worked with Earth. This was probably the next profound experience I have


ever had to date when it comes to meditation. When I worked with Earth I used the sounds of animals on a hike and others things of that nature it was nothing short of like rocking my foundation. I wrote the most notes on this one and I felt directly connected with Earth when writing about it, more so than the other elements. I had a full-bore break down. I started weeping and sobbing to the point of it almost being uncontrollable. The Earth cries out, because we are killing it, and all I had to do was tap in to that once to feel it. I cannot tell you how mind altering of an experience it was, words don’t describe it.. I am not the type of person to just sob at essentially nothing and I pretty much lost it. The thing to take away from that experience wasn’t what described it, or ‘who’ it came to me as, it was almost a calling from Earth itself to put me on the right path.

These were my first initial experiences ‘working’ with the elements. Since then I have incorporated certain aspects of them in my magic and I can tell you they work better for me than any ‘old god’. They are the Old Gods…. they are consistently something we encounter every day and the more time we spend with them, specifically myself, the more at peace I am.

My Belief System

Since my previous post, Falling out of the Broom Closet I have had some people ask, “What do you believe?” Well I think now is that time where we dive in to that. For those of you that have not read/have no desire to read my other post I am Pagan… more specifically a Witch. My path and beliefs have changed drastically since I started practicing and reading up on Paganism back in 2014, so let’s begin there.



  1. a religion other than one of the main world religions, specifically a non-Christian or pre-Christian religion.
    “converts from paganism to Christianity”
    • a modern religious movement incorporating beliefs or practices from outside the main world religions, especially nature worship.
      “modern paganism includes a respect for mother earth”

The most notable portion of that definition is the part about nature. Paganism at its core is a nature based religion. It is not satanic in any way shape or form. In fact, we don’t believe in a heaven or a hell but we’ll get more in to that in a bit. Paganism is like Christianity in that it is the umbrella term for everything within. While I am a Pagan I am also a witch. This would be what I would call the ‘denomination’ that people are accustomed to within Christianity.

What is my belief on how the world came to be? Well, while our world view is quite different than the average person we still believe (specifically myself) heavily in scientific and researched based evidence. The Big bang would be how I would view this world coming in to existence, and from there life begins on Earth. But from here on out, things within our belief system (again, particularly mine) is very old worldly. Think old greek and roman mythos.

You have the Sun and the Moon that play a big role in Pagan beliefs, as well as the elements. My personal journey has these six things as my deities, with Spirit chiming in, as well. Spirit being your own deity the ‘voice within’ so to speak. Other people within Paganism, particularly Wicca and witches believe in pantheons. The pantheons are like ‘the old gods’ — Odin, Freya, Anubis, Brigit, Neptune, Yemaya are just a few from the mediumdifferent available pantheons. Now while I do not currently worship any old gods, that is not to say I have not used them in my practice and spell work. I personally do not ‘vibe’ with the old world deities and for that reason have not pursued relationships with them.

So, to recap —

God = Father Sun / Mother Moon (Spirit)

Disciples = Fire, Earth, Water, Air, Spirit

Different books within the Bible = Persephone, Hekate, Morrigan (old world gods)

That’s kind of how I view my ideas of my ‘gods’ to give you a very watered down conversion.

The next thing on the list is of course, afterlife. Where do I go when I die? I personally believe back in to the Earth. Think… Avatar when Sigourney Weaver’s character is dying. They hook her up to the earth in attempts to save her, and she doesn’t quite make it. Her essence and being then seeps in to the Earth and becomes one with it. That’s how I see it. Because of this, I have often contemplated  having my ashes put in to a tree that would be planted, or in an underwater graveyard. (Water is my personal affinity)

A lot of my cohorts would tell you they believe in reincarnation, I personally have never come across anything in my life to back this up. I am a firm believer in feeling and seeing something with my own two eyes when it comes to my spiritual beliefs. I haven’t encountered anything, personally, that makes me vibe with the idea of reincarnation. This could always change, though. As unlike many other religions, our belief system can be ever changing.

As I said before though, to us there is no heaven and hell. There is no devil or omnipotent god. So in no way shape or form are we satanic in any capacity. All of that derogatory talk comes from media and old school bias/rumors.

What kind of ethics and morals are involved with a nature based religion? Well, just like every other major religion we have some things we live by. The saying, “Harm none and do what ye will” is a hallmark of Wicca (‘denomination’ of Paganism). This means that we are allowed to do what we want so long as we are not harming anyone. I personally don’t adhere to this myself, always (more on that later), but I can say that on the whole I try to abide by it. There is also the three fold law, within Wicca. Whatever you do will come back to you three times (physically, emotionally, spiritually). The idea behind this being that if you want to hex someone or curse them you better be ready for the repercussions because they will come back at you with a vengeance.fun-witch-what-I-do-2

These moral ideals are seen more in the sect of Wiccan our culture. While this is all well and good, I am not Wiccan, I am a witch, and witches… well they tend to mesh a bit in grey areas. So, Wicca to me, is more of your staunch religious ideology for practicing Paganism. It is set up the most like a religion… It has a moral/ethics code. It has very specific beliefs on how to do spell work when to do spell work, the wheel of the year (witchy holiday calendar). Witches and witchcraft are not and do not have to prescribe to this because our path is less religious and more spiritual. It’s why figuring out what you believe in the first place is so damn confusing. While it is nice to take and leave things that do not adhere to your belief system it also makes it difficult what to pick and choose. That’s why I keep saying it’s about what you ‘vibe’ with, so to to speak.

But don’t you believe in magic? Don’t you do spells as well? Why yes, of course. We spell it magick as it is the practice or witchcraft and not stage magic. Think of a spell much like a funeral rite done at a catholic church… it’s a very involved process when a catholic dies. We sing here, have scriptures there. A lot of pomp and circumstance with all the bells and whistles. Depending upon how you wish to do your magick it could be simple as a prayer or as something complex as funeral rites. Regardless, it is all about intention and working with your mind to enhance your ability to achieve your goals.

Magick at its core is very psychological. Working within your mind, meditating, chakra healing, grounding and centering these are all very mind based. If you don’t give

How magick works

something power within your mind (i.e. not thinking about it) it has no power over you. Same goes with spellwork. We harness our energy, cast our circles and recite our spells. In my experience however, I do not require a whole altar, calling the corners, etc. I build up my energy on my own and send the energy in to where it is going, whether that be an item, another person, or myself. This makes it possible for me to do magick on the go, and where ever I might be. Someone harassing me at work? Working my energy up and shielding myself is always a good idea. It makes practical use of every day magick possible.

My personal motto in all of this is that magick and witchcraft is a means to an end. It is essentially getting your mind ripened to be ready for change, or ready for something new, or keeping you going on your current path. It mentally prepares you to take on certain situations that you might not have previously been able to handle. The mind is a powerful thing, and also a simplistic thing at the same time. Sometimes it is as simple as doing a ritual for wealth to really give yourself that push to finish up that paper work early, or take that extra bar guest at the end of the night.

Overall, my belief system is no different than most that pray and go to church. I can go to church at any time, worship, sign, pray, and set my intentions whenever. It’s just my ‘gods’ are different than yours and my church is outside. We are inherently creatures of the earth, and at the end of it all that’s where we get called back to. I just hope in my short time here I make a decent impact on my surroundings and maybe help someone else out by giving an outline of what I believe as an eclectic witch.

More coming soon,






The House on Fleetwood

Every day I go by an eventuality of mine.

Ranch style home, forest green, tan trimming with a large wrap around deck.

I see you every day, sitting on Fleetwood. Every fiber of my being seems to be on that street.

Every day like clock work, I drive by you after work. The gleam in my eyes with a goal not yet reached.

I will have You. I will Live there. I want to be on Fleetwood.

Sunsets pass and sunrises crest as I go by daily. A few things waver, but nothing presses me forward more than the house on Fleetwood.

A long day at work, is always met with you as I go home, and I realize why I am doing all of this.

It’s to be on Fleetwood.

This goal sits at the back of my mind, and I am always rest assured that I am doing the right thing, taking the right steps to Fleetwood.

Who would have thought something so picturesque would sit on a favorite of mine — Fleetwood. It’s as if the universe opened up one day and pointed specifically to you.

I silently wave every day that I go by house on Fleetwood, see you soon.






The Dangers of Social Media

You just spent the last forty minutes on your phone and now you’re going to be late to work. You were so busy candy crushing and trying to add friends to your game that you didn’t realize you let the dogs out thirty minutes ago. Wow… it’s 3 A.M. I should probably stop posting these memes to social media. Any of that sound like you? I think that sounds like a lot of people nowadays, but ever wonder what you might do without it?

Think about that for a moment — you come in for a doctor’s visit sit down in the waiting room and like everyone else in the room you pull out your phone. You might fumble around looking at email and such, but eventually you’ll more than likely end up on social media. How often are you not in the moment simply because you are on social media?th (1)

Being less present is the biggest one, to me, the one that boils my blood the most. You do not need to fill every waking moment with your phone. Yet some people really need that crutch nowadays. I like to enjoy my time alone, often, and I feel like popping my phone out loses the point entirely. At the beach? Sure, take some pictures, but leave the damn phone alone and enjoy that fun in the sun.

Yet, how often do you know that you shouldn’t look at your phone and still do? Happens to me often (which at the end of the post we shall resolve this) but we all fall victim to it in one form or another. It seems to be more prevalent in the younger generations but I can tell you right now that people significantly older than me spend more time on the phone than I do, and that is sad.

Man, Becky is in Cancun that looks SO fun! I’m jealous I wish I could go… but I’m saving up to buy a house so we need to forego going on vacation this year because that’s what we need to have a down payment. I’m no longer focused on the down payment though… all I can think about is her awesome tan. Social media makes a lot of our personal interaction and internal dialogue comparative. We are constantly comparing ourselves to each other on a normal basis — social media opens the field up drastically.

My personal opinion is that this is the most dangerous aspect of social media. The constant comparison makes us feel like we could be achieving what Becky has, but Becky lives at home with her parents and hasn’t kept a steady job in years. Yet, you are being responsible by putting your foot forward and forging a better life for yourself by buying a house and building equity. Whatever way you cut the situation comparing yourself to others will never make you feel better.

It’s late after work and you’re exhausted. You and your husband got home both at a similar time and want to make dinner together. When you go to sit down and eat you pull out your phone instead of talking with each other. Starting to see the trend? All of us do it to some extent, but you miss out on so much by doing this.anti

You might had something happen at work that you wanted to share. Or you could have taken that extra time to thank the spouse for making dinner, or any number of things. But you’re too busy checking that phone. And let’s not get started on the amount of people I am aware of cheat on their spouse utilizing social media. It opens up so many ways to ignore others that interpersonal relationships often sour due to your mismanagement of time with your preferred social media. I personally put a ban on it at the dinner table, and once I am off of it, my significant other needs to be as well (and vice versa.)

Because of some of these things I am taking a social media break. I will be disconnecting my Facebook on October 1st, and making it so my Snap Chat is the only way you can find me on social media. I use it very infrequently and interact with it sparingly so I am hoping it will put a decent distance for me on social media. I will still utilize Word Press, and I will still have my public page, but I will not interact personally in any way. Of course, personal friends of mine have my phone number, which from then on will be a preferred method of contact.

I am not sure how long I will go this route, but I hope to put some decent distance between myself and those sites so that it is not a crutch. I plan to do more photography and write more, as the distractions should be significantly less. I hope that you might join me and do the same. Who knows? You might find more solace in not being inundated by the masses this way.


My Spirituality currently

I post a lot of memes and like a lot of memes that have to do with spirituality. I am apart of several groups that share my thoughts on the religious/spiritual sector of things. But lately, I have not been practicing what I preach. I always mean to…. I always want to, but lately there is a block.

I feel like there a million paths to go down and I get so overwhelmed with information and steps that I sit there at the bottom of each stair case looking up. Should I sage the house, yeah I’ve needed to do that since Spring. There are several spells I have neglected to do, meditation is non-existent as well as Deity work.spiritualawaking1

Recently, I have come to learn that I have started down a path of what I would call precognition. It scares the ever loving Jesus out of me, and has for quite some time. How is it possible that with my spiritual practices almost dried up that this has flourished in the past several months?

With this new information I am so confused and torn in every direction. I know what I should do… it’s the same thing as anything creative (writing, art, editing) you just need to do it. Start something anything. I’m not sure what is keeping me from it, but I have hit a metaphorical wall and it’s worse than what would be writer’s block.

I still definitely have faith though… Things are still at work even with me completely docile at the moment. I think it’s all the stress… I need this vacation at the end of the month badly.

From here on out I am going to try and do one spiritual thing a week, and work up from there. I have got to put it on paper and adhere myself to this, because otherwise I seemingly will not do it. It’s not out of laziness either, it’s so hard to explain.

This drought sucks…..

Enough rambling


Information in an Informative World

Our time is unlike any other, we are inundated with information at every turn. TV, internet, new articles, and videos plastered across our screens at every turn. It’s almost impossible not to be bombarded with all of this information. That is why we’re going to talk about being a good consumer of information today.

Validity and Reliability

One of the most important things I was taught in college was how to recognize valid and reliable information. At the time, I thought this was silly. Yeah, Mr. J.J. I get it, you want us to read the whole article. Yes, Mr. Stepniski we wrote down the date of the article. Little did I realize that I was being trained to be a good consumer of information all along.

The importance of this in an age of rapid advancement in technology cannot be understated. And for those of you who think what I’m preaching is silly, as well, think about how you consume your information. You get it from social media more than likely right? Most of us do… Well, when an article is outdated more than a year the information doesn’t seem as pertinent right? If a travel ban happened last year in Cuba, did it get lifted? If it hasn’t, when might it be lifted…. are there more recent articles?

These are just a few of the questions that should go through your head while consuming information. Why is that important? Well, for one misinformation is well… rampant. Perpetuating the misinformation is ignorant, embarrassing and also some what dangerous. Let’s take the murders down in Cancun around 2017 when I last took my trip there.

There was a lot of information going around about people being killed on properties, locals drugging travelers all sorts of information being passed around. As there was a big group of us all going, article after article got shared on social media. Most of it was outdated or had wrong facts in order to gain more clicks with an interesting head line… fewer still were actual articles that had the right information for the right time frame we were going. One person in particular had everyone legitimately scared by an article that at the time was two years old. The amount of attention and comments these posts got were… sad considering it took me all of two seconds to pop the article up see it was from two years prior and exit out of it. But that, my friends, is the power of and importance of recognizing bad information, you will not get lulled in to perpetuating false information if you know what to look for.

So what do you look for? Two important things — the date the article was released and Where it is from. If you cannot find a date, look at the bottom of the website and find out how recent the website has been updated. If it has not been recent, chances are you are reading something outdated. All informative articles should have a time stamp on it near the time with time, date, and location (sometimes just time/date.)

The next important thing is Where you consume your information from. I personally use either Reuters or BBC. They are both middle of the road outlets that are there to1024px-BBC_World_News_red.svg report facts, and will rescind information if they find out they posted something incorrectly. You want something neutral when you are looking for solid information. Something like Fox News or MSNBC has the tendency to lean to their particular corners and sometimes they won’t report certain news at all because it doesn’t fit the narrative of what they are trying to portray to their audience. Remember, these sites run off of how many clicks they get. If they know for a fact that a headline would get more clicks vs. something their audience would not vibe with, why post it? It isn’t going to generate the traction they want on their site, app, or article. Haven’t ever heard of the website you clicked on for the article? Well that’s a big red flag. The article title is “7 Reasons you should hate Europe” and it’s from alien7.com maybe… that doesn’t make a lot of sense to read that, and certainly not share it.reuters

Lastly, I would say the other important thing is to find various news articles on the same topic and see what overlaps. Get your information from Fox News? Maybe take a look at MSNBC and see what they had to say about it as well. I understand, those people might “be the devil” but you would be surprised how much information gets skewed out of your articles simply because you get it from the Rachel Maddow show or from Sean Hannity. You want to take a look at what overlaps, and maybe reading something from someone else’s perspective might give you a different outlook than you already had. Not a bad problem to have.

Outside of these three tips I would say this — this is not a generational problem… This is an everyone problem. I see people of all ages making these mistakes, but I would say on average, I see the older generations making more of these mistakes. This is because this is newer to them and the younger generations are growing up with it. This is still no excuse to perpetuate bad or false information. You have a responsibility when you hit that share button that I feel like most people do not take in to consideration. The fact that completely false articles can gain traction enough to go viral is scary and is a powerful tool used by those in power to insert their narrative in to our lives. It is up to us to debunk these things, and become good consumers of information.

Thanks for reading,