My Spirituality currently

I post a lot of memes and like a lot of memes that have to do with spirituality. I am apart of several groups that share my thoughts on the religious/spiritual sector of things. But lately, I have not been practicing what I preach. I always mean to…. I always want to, but lately there is a block.

I feel like there a million paths to go down and I get so overwhelmed with information and steps that I sit there at the bottom of each stair case looking up. Should I sage the house, yeah I’ve needed to do that since Spring. There are several spells I have neglected to do, meditation is non-existent as well as Deity work.spiritualawaking1

Recently, I have come to learn that I have started down a path of what I would call precognition. It scares the ever loving Jesus out of me, and has for quite some time. How is it possible that with my spiritual practices almost dried up that this has flourished in the past several months?

With this new information I am so confused and torn in every direction. I know what I should do… it’s the same thing as anything creative (writing, art, editing) you just need to do it. Start something anything. I’m not sure what is keeping me from it, but I have hit a metaphorical wall and it’s worse than what would be writer’s block.

I still definitely have faith though… Things are still at work even with me completely docile at the moment. I think it’s all the stress… I need this vacation at the end of the month badly.

From here on out I am going to try and do one spiritual thing a week, and work up from there. I have got to put it on paper and adhere myself to this, because otherwise I seemingly will not do it. It’s not out of laziness either, it’s so hard to explain.

This drought sucks…..

Enough rambling


2 thoughts on “My Spirituality currently

    • Update: I smudged the house and I have been keeping to doing something ‘witchy’ each week, but it is tough considering I’m trying to get back in the gym as much as I can. I get worn down, lol.

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