Excerpt from Chapter 3 of my ‘Story’

“In here.” Ellisar whispered.

The group entered the room Ellisar was leading them in to. They were soon overlooking a group of men surrounding something that was kneeling on the ground. A blood curdling scream was let out from the entity on the ground.

“Be gone with you! Let her go!” one of the Ahbet men commanded.

After the Ahbet yelled at the being on the floor, he was violently launched in to the pews in the Prayer room. The Ahbet was thrown so forcefully that he knocked over three of the oak pews. With the men scrambling to help him, they revealed what they were hovering over. There, sitting on her heels, sat Liorna. Her hair was a mangled mess, the skin around her eyes had blackened and sunk to make her look like she was dying, and she was smiling.

“Get up, priest.” Liorna said to the man that had been launched in to the pews. “Maybe this time you can ask me a bit more nicely and I’ll consider.”

Her voice was not her own. Liorna spoke in a manner that was seductive, yet masculine sounding. It also sounded like she was growling when she paused to make another statement.  Shay knew immediately what was going on; this was a demonic possession.

The men standing around her were not all Ahbets, some of them were Warriors and Paladins. They were there to help end… the problem, if it got out of hand.

The man on the ground was now standing with the aid of some of the Ahbets.

“So, after all this time this is how you plan to make your stand? Possess an innocent priest and relay your message to Our people? Our people are scared senseless of you monsters. Whatever blasphemy you intend to spread will not be listened to.” The Abhet yelled at the demon.

Liorna rose from her seated position. She looked around terrified.

“Help me! Make this stop! I can’t fight it much longer!” Liorna seemed to have regained some of her lucidity and was now pleading for her life.

“Shut up girl!” Liorna said to herself in the demonized voice. “I have had enough of your struggle. See Sorvah, the girl’s life is in danger, I believe you should listen to our warning.”

“I will not listen to demons!” Sorvah spit back at the demon.

“Then will you listen to me?” Liorna got down on all fours arched her back and began screaming. Her screams were soon overtaken by wailing cries of a thousand other beings, and then her voice turned in to a wolf howl. While she screamed she was morphing in to something else. Black and purple swirls consumed her, and soon she no longer looked human. Sitting on all fours was a demon incarnate. It had the body of a wolf, and a tail of a serpent.

“Yamanh!” gasped Sorvah.

“In the flesh… or in the fur, I suppose I’m not really human, am I?” The creature talked with a sophisticated tone. Its deep resonating voice was almost soothing.

“I tire of this game Sorvah, it’s time you come to your senses.” The creature began cleaning himself.

“How dare you come up here, invade our institution and attempt to make a mockery out of us.”

“Mockery out of you, Ha! Apparently multiple wars lost, being banished to the farthest reaches of hell, and allowing you free reign of all the power on the surface isn’t demeaning enough for you is it?”

“All the wars you have waged on us were lost, you are to stay underground for that reason, you have no place here Yamanh, and I will not listen to any of your pleas you can go back to where you came from, and leave the priest intact.”

“Plea is not the word I would use, Sorvah. Warn is more like what I am doing. If you do not listen to what we told you, we shall seek the aid of your own people.”

“No one would dare listen to you.”

“Oh, is that so? Do you have any idea what this priest found? Do you think I would just choose a random priest to inhabit? Oh, Sorvah, after all this time still so naïve.” The creature was now rolling on its back much like a dog that had an itch.

“Stop your games, Yamanh, I will not be lured in like this!”

“Then we have already won. This priest had found the mortals that would stand up to you. And with them, will come millions more. She had seen what you had done, what you are doing and what you plan to do to these fleshlings in order to maintain your power on this surface.”

“Lies!” Sorvah yelled.

“Don’t believe me? Why don’t you take a look above you. Say hello to the three that will stand up to you. Hello, you three.” The wolf winked at the balcony where the group was.

The group of men was now looking straight at them, as if the invisibility cloak weren’t there.

“You four what are you doing there?!” Sorvah called to them. “Any alliances with this demon, or any demon will result in your deaths. Explain yourselves.”

“Oh, Sorvah, stop scaring them. They are innocent by-standers in this all… for now. They came here to help their friend. Stop being so dramatic.” The wolf yawned.

“What is this all about? What do you want, Yamanh?”

“I told you Sorvah, we tire of watching you play puppet master to these people. We don’t wish to rule here, in fact, the idea bores us. How you have managed to deal with the mortals astounds us” Yamanh said. “But it is time you went back to your place of Origin. He agrees, as well. Your pleas have been denied, and your plans have been found. Stop this before you begin down an unredeemable track.”

“I told you Yamanh, we will not listen to demons. The wars have been waged you have lost. You have no authority here. Take your empty threats elsewhere.” The Head Priest nodded to one of the warrior men and he disappeared below them.

Yamanh sighed. “I had hoped that you would listen to reason. This time we will pit you against your fleshlings that you love so much. And the cycle starts today. I will tell the others you would not cooperate.”

“Leave Yamanh, and let the girl go.”

“The girl that has all your secrets? No I think I’ll be keeping this one. She has seen far more than you have anticipated.”

“You cannot have her!” Sorvah yelled. “Surely you’ll take her back underground and torture her until she talks. That is no way for a Priest from Ilantri to be treated.”

“Still preaching that same story? Still scaring people in to thinking we’re aberrations from below?” Yamanh sighed. “I suppose in your shoes I would do whatever it took to throw them off the trail.”

The creature morphed back in to Liorna, she looked completely normal.

“Let me live! Help me, can’t you see! He’s lying! Please!” Liorna had her old voice back.

“Yamanh, enough of your games! We will end this now! Paladins!” Sorvah pointed at the girl.

The Paladins took their imbued spears and lunged at the girl. No resistance was made on her part.

“You kill me, and it will be the end of you.” She growled.

The paladin chopped off her head. While her body and head were both dying, she laughed menacingly.


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