Diablo 2 — The Story: Acts III IV and V

As promised…

Act III cinematic: Mephisto’s Jungle

Act III — Kurast

If you watched the cinematic, then Tyrael kind of gave this whole Act away. Here, you are escorted by Meshif to the dying town of Kurast, that was built on the edge of the jungle… Yep, because when I think where in the world of Sanctuary will all three Prime Evils meet up and destroy the world, I think of a jungle.

Here you really meet only one important person and that is Ormus. Ormus is a Mage, like Droganan, and likes to refer to himself in the third person. As funny as you think that might be, it gets old real fast.

At the outset of this Act, as soon as you leave Kurast to plunge in to the depths of the jungle you are met by “The Wanderer”. A cloaked man who when you walk up to him turns in to flesh beasts. The shit is really about to hit the fan so on to the meat of the Act.

Remember when I told you the Horadric Cube was important, well, Ormus will tell you why. He knows the lore of Khalim and his relics. You must find these relics to forge a hammer of sorts to destroy any soulstones you may eventually come across. By combining things like an eye and a heart, you get this hammer. Doesn’t make sense to me, but hey, it works. So, now you are ready to face the Prime Evils, and destroy their souls.

You make your way to the Temple of Light, that Tyrael was talking about, but in the game it’s actually called the Durance of Hate (whatever Tyrael, just make up what you want, I guess.) Here, you are confronted by Mephisto and you’re in luck! You made it before the brothers did. You destroy him and then obtain his soulstone. Well, now that you have the soulstone and Khalim’s hammer thing, you definitely can end him, right? Wrong, you have to find the right forge to destroy it.

Luckily for you, again, after defeating Mephisto, you are met once again by Tyrael, who will point you in the direction to the forge… This place also happens to be where Diablo dwells. Yep, you guessed it. The Archangel Tyrael is giving you a one way trip to Hell…

Act IV cinematic: Gates of Hell

Act IV: Hell

After watching the cinematic, you’ll notice that the gate of Hell wasn’t opened by Tyrael, but by the the Prime Evils. Yeah, you were fast, but not that fast. Those tricksters know how to keep you in check. So, in to the the depths of Hell you plunge. Once there, you are met by two merchants, Tyrael, and Deckard… that’s it. When you question Deckard what he knows about Hell he can’t tell you anything because he’s never been there and the stories you know are the only ones he can tell.

You find out from Tyrael that Hephasto is the guard to the Hellforge, and this is where you must take Mephisto’s soulstone to have it destroyed… Why Hell would be the only place outfitted to have soulstones destroyed doens’t make much sense… Maybe they’re trying to guard it? I don’t know, but you would have thought that Tyrael could have done something about this a long time ago, but he would rather you, the mortal, go do his dirty work… Lazy.

Anywho, so after you destroy the soulstone you’re on your way to Diablo’s mansion. Here you kill a lot of unending mobs and are presented with the huge, hulking beast The Lord of Terror, himself. After he runs around a lot throwing fire spells, you’ll eventually end up killing him. This leads to the epilogue…

Act IV — Epilogue Cinematic: Epilogue

Well, son of a bitch, Marius you’ve gone and messed everything up. But you have to admit, the Lord of Hatred is a trickster. And this leads in to the beginning of the next expansion…

Act V — Intro Cinematic: Act V Intro

Aside from the effeminate nature of him caressing his own soulstone and general mannerisms, that was pretty badass.

Act V — Mount Arreat

Let me be honest here… I played through half of this expansion then I stopped. I can’t remember why, but my brother beat it, so I was privy to the details of the quests and the end cinematic. Here, that’s really all that matters. You do the quests til you reach the summit of Mount Arreat where Baal is going and then you kill him. Tyrael comes and congratulates you on bringing the Prime Evils to justice and restoring peace. Also, I don’t like mountain areas or the Barbarians so that might have been the reason I stopped playing. So, I’m sorry for making that kind of climatic then dashing your hopes to pieces.

Hopefully this makes up for it — Lord of Destruction ending cinematic: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=phYVUcMw9JY&feature=related

At the end there, he is destroying the Worldstone. This is where you catch up to Baal and find him corrupting it, then you say, “No, stop.” And kill him. The Worldstone was created to keep Sanctuary hidden from both the High Heavens and the legions of Hell. It also has the power to weaken humans. Tyrael in the cinema scene, has deemed it too dangerous to stay corrupted so he destroys it. Essentially setting up the next game for us, where both Heaven and Hell can find the human realm.

And, thus, ends my storytelling. There you have it. I have left out huge chunks of some of the quest lore to shorten the story. If you have the time and an extra 30 dollars making the purchase to play the game is always worth it, even now. In fact, a couple months ago I downloaded it and replayed it for a little while. It’s still fun.

That’s the rumor at least. There are also rumors that it could come out as early as January and as late as March. Whenever it comes out, I know most of you will be playing and we will all be gallivanting about being Monks, or Wizards, or Demon Hunters. But before that time comes, and you’re playing the solo campaign to get a better feel for the game, and you come across Deckard Cain, Tyrael, or the remains of Tristram hopefully my little story will fill in some gaps for you so you can better appreciate the lore from the previous games. If not, then I’m just happy I have this all written down so I don’t have to listen to my boyfriend whine about playing Diablo 2, since he doesn’t enjoy the game play. I’ll leave you with my favorite quotes from the cinematics.

“Why did I follow him… I don’t know. Why do things happen as they do in dreams? All I know is when he beckoned, I had to follow. From that moment we traveled East… always in to the East.”

-Ever the victim: Marius


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