Disney and Some Last Attempts to Honor the ‘Golden Ages’ of Disney Movies

Originally posted 11/18/2011
Been awhile, my new blog. As well intention-ed as my original post was, I have found that inspiration is best saved for my story writing that I posted about before. The story is currently 95 pages and counting. I’m excited, it needs a lot of TLC, but eventually, it could be something that I actually approve of in all aspects. Instead of simply posting the first chapter from my story, I have decided to keep the idea of the last post going. I enjoy congruity, leave me alone. So, while I wait for my boyfriend to get home from work so we may celebrate my birthday I shall write to my tiny, growing audience.
Disney means a lot to people. Regardless if you’re willing to admit it or not; think about it, since the time that you were able to look at a TV screen Disney characters were probably apart of the repertoire used by your parents to shut you up and keep you happy. I’m not sure about you, but a lot of those characters, movies, and shows sure made me happy. In fact, they make me so happy I still watch them as an adult. That’s right… I don’t mind admitting that.
Then think about the actual place. How awesome is it to go to Disney World? Well, as a native Indiana lurker I have been four different times twice when I was in grade school and twice when I was in High School, and let me tell you — it’s amazing. You can overlook all the attempts to suck me dry of money with all the fun you will have there. Hell, almost every time I’ve gone, something bad has happened, but in retrospect that isn’t even one of the top five things I remember from the trip.
Disney is a very forceful media hog that has been running ever since Walt dreamt of the place in his sleep and then it came to be. (Let’s not get bogged down with the actual details here, the blog is about Disney, people) It has it’s own channels, hundreds of movies, specials and shows all about made up Disney characters, it has four huge theme parks with subsequent parks of that nature all around world, it has hundreds of resorts for Disney go-ers, stores, eateries, it’s own pleasure island, rides, it even has it’s own downtown. And that wasn’t even half of the stuff I could riddle off to you.
It’s movies and shows have subjected our children to sexism, stockholme syndrome, death, necrophilia, prejudices, stereotypes, discrimination, drug use, cross dressing, and let’s not forget one of the greatest injustices: Letting little girls believe there is in fact a Prince Charming coming her way. But we don’t care because it’s just so damn entertaining. (I might have taken some of those things a bit too far, but you can see all of those themes in their shows and movies — to what degrees, vary.) But let’s focus on my original point for writing — Disney movies and the ‘Golden Age’.
For some unknown reason, in the past decade Disney has been a shell (in my opinion) of was it once was in regards to movies it has produced. No, I’m not saying in the past decade they haven’t put out anything worth seeing it just isn’t like it used to be. And no, I’m also not getting nostalgic on my birthday since I’m now 24 and an old woman. The fact of the matter is from about 1989 to 2000 they were on a serious role.
Exhibit A
1989 – The Little Mermaid
1991 – Beauty and the Beast
1992 – Aladdin
1993 – Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey
1994 – The Lion King
1995 – Pocahontas
1995 – Toy Story
1996 – 101 Dalmatians
1996 – Hunchback of Norte Dame, The
1997 – Hercules
1998 – Mulan
1998 – A Bug’s Life
1999 – Tarzan
2000 – The Emperor’s New Groove
And those are only cartoon movies, and I’m not including things such as James and the Giant Peach because I don’t think it was such a phenomenon as the other movies I have named up there. Also, I realize that Homeward Bound isn’t a cartoon, but it might as well be with the talking dogs and cat. That’s a lot of hit movies in a decade. That means that every year they were coming out with something original, well thought out, and well designed, and sometimes more than once a year. Go on baby boomers, tweens, and grandparents think about how many movies came out in your childhood that were that awesome… I’ll give you a bit. Then look at this…
Exhibit B
1937 – Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
1940 – Pinocchio
1941 – Dumbo
1942 – Bambi
1955 – Lady and the Tramp
1959 – Sleeping Beauty
1967 – The Jungle Book
1977 – The Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
1981 – The Fox and the Hound
2003 – Finding Nemo
2006 – Cars
2007 – Ratatouille
2008 – Wall -E
2010 – Tangled
Are there more movies in that list? Yes, but think about it. Look at the huge gaps from 1959 to 1977 they only come out with three blockbuster Disney movies. From 2003 to 2010 there are only five movies. If you look from 2001 on they come out with twice the amount of movies that they had in the previous generations and they can only come out with five blockbusters. The list is insane from 2001 on… it’s comprised of sequels and third movies of Lion King, 101 Dalmatians, Mulan, The Little Mermaid… it’s as if Disney couldn’t think of anything for about five years so they just did sequels. The Only time that can compete with our generation of movies is the very very beginning of Disney making movies. In a span of four years, they come out with the foundation for Disney movies from 1937-1942. Still noting holds a candle to our generation’s movies. It was the Golden Age of Disney movies and I’m proud to have grown up in that span of time.
So, take your nostalgic BS elsewhere because I think the lists speak for themselves. If you would like I could compare gross sales for the movies. But I’m sure I would come to the same conclusions. (Especially if we were to add in the gross sales from all the sequels and third movies from my generation because those movies were just that good that Disney felt they had to make more of them.)
I am inspired by recent attempts for Disney to go back to it’s roots. Tangled was very good, they are coming out with Tink in 2012 so I have high hopes for that, and even their original ideas like Wall-E were really, really cute. I just wish that the fervor with which they wrote their blockbusters, slaved over the music (which was often times award winning), and pounded out every last detail made would be instilled in the newer generation of movies.
But who am I kidding, Disney has held on to me since I was little and will hold on to my children for most of their lives most likely. They’re an entertainment industry in and of themselves, and can do whatever they want to. They’re kind of like the Wal-Mart of fun… and as chilling as that prospect is it is true, and I’ll keep going back for more.
Next time previews from my story!

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